Velyana and Bogumyr – the motivators behind RODOVIDschool!

About the school

“Without kinship, everything is [worth] nothing”
Hryhoriy Skovoroda

And what about school? When it is about love, joy, interaction, co-creation, self-discovery, and self-education … And from this comes the meaning of life in this turbulent world! To be happy in the space and time called Life is our goal. Once we meet, we stay together!

We are aware that no form of learning can replace face-to-face live communication and knowledge sharing. But, in recent years, all mankind has been experiencing “civilizational” shocks – the pandemic, and in Ukraine from 24.02.2022, there is also the absurd bloody war during which the aggressor, first of all, destroys buildings related to education and culture.

In the XXI century, all universal human values have shifted – traditions, morality, law, and justice. The Ukrainian people –like a hive – showed the world an unprecedented unity of the spirit in repelling ignorance and saving humanity of mankind itself! Which earned us the highest social capital among earthlings! But at what price(((.

Basic is the fundamental school because it is polyvectoral. Unique content in SCORM / STEAM / STREAM cross-formats through its methodology and methods will ensure the interest, engagement, and effectiveness of remote education.

We provide socialization through our social network composed of the 25 best universities in Ukraine (see the Supervisory Board section of this website) and hundreds of scientific schools of global importance, including specially designed mobile applications, and cultural and sports events.

RODOVIDschool is our gift to the future of our country – its children! And then to all the children of planet Earth!