Financial, tourist, educational, and cultural incentivization of schoolchildren by the Founding Fathers for any manifestation of Ukrainian identity (poem, short story, novel, performance, drawing, musical work, song, embroidery, pottery, etc.).

Rodovid through the eyes of the children of the Feodosiyivska community

On the occasion of St. Nicholas Day, a charity event “RODOVIDDAR” was announced in all schools of the Feodosiyivka community. The children had to show what the word RODOVID meant to them and how they perceive it. They embodied their vision in drawings, embroidered shirts, or poems. And today, the jury awarded the most creative and inspirational works. The winners received cash prizes and new opportunities for the further development of their talents.

The idea of holding such a charity event belongs to the philosopher and philanthropist Igor Didkovsky and Nikolai Pianchuk, the head of the Feodosiyivka community. Its essence is to encourage the younger generation to dedicate themselves to art, study the Ukrainian tradition, and support the young talents of the community.

In the eyes of children, our world has many more facets and secret threads. As adults, we sometimes forget or forego what is truly the most important thing in our lives. Our kin, family, clan, eternal Ukrainian tradition – our RODOVID! How do our children see him? After all, this vision is the result of our upbringing, and the atmosphere in the family, school, and society!

The students themselves chose the winners. After all, according to the organizers, they are the most unbiased jury.

“This charity event is not about a monetary reward, but about an open soul and love for Ukraine. The younger generation is a quality indicator of the morality of our community. We must encourage and support the children of our community to have hope for a decent future for the whole country,” commented Mykola Pianchuk.

Mykola Pianchuk and Igor Didkovskiy talked with children about spiritual and moral development. They asked and answered questions about patriotism, children’s plans for their future, the value of the FAMILY, and the importance of realizing their human potential.

“I would like us to preserve and develop our Ukrainian culture and tradition. Who will preserve it better than our children? Talented young people need to be identified and supported. It is only in this way that we will preserve the identity of the nation and doom our country to succeed,” said Igor Didkovskiy.

While communicating with children, Igor Didkovskiy spoke in more detail about the initiative “RODOVIDScholarship”, which has been operating under his patronage throughout Ukraine for several years in a row, and on St. Nicholas Day it was announced for the Feodosiyivka community with the support of MykolaPianchuk.

This is a unique opportunity for this year’s community graduates to receive sponsorship of undergraduate studies at four of the best universities in Ukraine: the National University of Ostroh Academy, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, VernadskyTavria National University and the National University “Odesa Polytechnic”.