Hryhoriy Skovoroda – Ukrainian mystic philosopher, theologist, poet, teacher

Supervisory Board

Our school is the only one in the world that has such unique effective tools, namely:

  • to ensure socialization and the format of face-to-face communication, taking into account distance learning and the inclusion of the Child in real life, we have created a social network of RODOVIDambasadors – school representative offices in each of the 25 regional centers, including Crimea, which represents the school through the Tavria National University. V. Vernadsky;
  • every first Saturday of the month, at 10.00 the best national university in your region is waiting for the RODOVID HEALTH SCHOOLS and their Parents to talk about their learning plans and being relevant to you and your Children;
  • Kyiv and the region, this is the Kyiv National University. T. Shevchenko;
  • Odesa and the region, it is the National University “Odesa Polytechnic”;
  • Cherkasy and the region, this is Cherkasy National University. B. Khmelnytskyi;
  • Lviv and the region, this is Lviv National University. I.Franko;
  • Rivne and the region, it is the National University “Ostroh Academy”;
  • Chernihiv and the region, this is the National University “Chernihiv Polytechnic” and so in every region: we are always glad to see you! A list of all universities with RODOVID ambasadosadors’ phones will be provided here.

Given a large number of Children outside Ukraine, the functions of RODOVIDambassadors will be performed by all representative offices and branches of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry around the world.

On 1.06.2022, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University became the first RODOVID ambassador of the Rodovid School.

The Supervisory Board consists of 29 members. Of these, 25 rectors of the best national universities (one per region), the Director General of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”, the President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and national and world business elite.

Co-chairs of the Supervisory Board of RODOVIDschool will be elected voluntarily after the formation of the Supervisory Board itself and the approval of the Regulations on its functioning.