Founding Father and the company

Each of us came to the idea of the RODOVID school as a physiological need, each in its way. It’s like breathing, eating, dreaming, or loving. First for the Children, then for the Grandchildren, then again and again for their relatives and all the schoolchildren of our small but very proud country.

After all, there are no other people’s Children, and with the beginning of the war we are one People – these are those who are written in each other’s family. We are with you, and you are with us. We made this school honestly, professionally, with love, like for ourselves, and for a long time. We are waiting for you in the family!

“It took me 30 years to arrive at crating RODOVID school. Initially, I dreamed of opening it for Zoryana’s Daughter in the late 90s (it didn’t work out). Then, for the Son of Svyatoslav in the early 2000s (it did not work out). Only now the school was born, because I did it and do it for all the Children of Ukraine, and later for the Children of Earthlings. This is my simple and clear purpose in this funny and fleeting life. Which was worth coming to this world.”

In this amazing ministry, I am supported by the best People in the country – the founders of RODOVIDDar and RODOVIDScolarship:

  • Vladimir Bugrov (rector of KNU);
  • Mikhail Veselsky (philanthropist of Radovelsky biotechnological lyceum);
  • Stanislav Voitovich (Hero of Ukraine);
  • Oleg Latushinsky;
  • Igor Pasichnik (Hero of Ukraine, Rector of the Ostroh Academy);
  • Alexander Stelmakh;
  • Anatoly Tsyomyk
  • and many other dignitaries. 

Since the project is social, we are open to all people with a pure soul and conscious action, because children are the most valuable recipients of our attention.

Honor and glory!

Igor Didkovskiy
The author of the school, philosopher, philanthropist, the source of the RODOVID consciousness movement